Teams of 2
1M & 1F
RX & Scaled
Our Partners

Grab your swolemate and let's have a great day competing.

CrossFit 630 & our amazing sponsors welcome you to the fifth year of the Garage Fitness Invitational. our team is here to provide you with an organized and fun atmosphere to test your fitness.


Grab your swolemate and put your collective fitness to the test.  the goal here is to provide you with a local avenue and venue to go up against other teams in the area and see where you stack up.  


Got fitness?  Let's see!

November 10, 2018


Start: 8:00AM

End: 12:00PM

CrossFit 630

670 W. 5th Ave., Unit 108

Naperville, IL 60563

PH: (630) 791-0498

Email: nate@crossfit630.com or macy@crossfit630.com

$120 Per team

Amazing prizes and swag supplied by our fantastic sponsors

1st, 2nd & 3rd place podium finishers (RX and scaled)

Teams of 2: 1-Male & 1-Female


Divisions: RX & Scaled


Capped Entries: 16 RX teams and 16 Scaled Teams ONLY

WOD #1

14:00 AMRAP: Work is split evenly and one person works at a time.

* 100-Front Squats (RX: 45/35) (Scaled: 45/35)
(You must put the weights on the bar for the next movement. This is to be done after both partners are completely done with their front squats.)

* 80-Hang Power Snatch (RX: 115/75) (Scaled: 75/55)

* 60-Burpee (Jump to a plate)(Partners must alternate each rep)

* Max Calorie Row (Mandatory switch every 20 calories)

Total reps = 100+80+60+Calories

A New Twist on an Old Favorite
WOD #2
The Grinder 400

12:00 AMRAP: Work is split evenly and one person works at a time.

* 100-Partner Wallball sit ups (RX: 20) (Scaled: 14)

* 100-KB Swings (RX: 55/35) (Scaled: 35/25)

* 100-Box Jumps (RX: 24/20 - No Step ups) (Scaled: 24/20 - Step ups allowed, but not mandatory)

* 100-Alternating Forward Lunge Steps W/ KB (KB will be held in the goblet squat position) (RX: 55/35) (Scaled: 35/25)

If/when you finish the lunge steps, start back at the top with the second round of partner sit ups and work through the list again.

WOD #3
Hearts Poppin' & Weights Droppin

10:00 AMRAP: Partners are working at the same time.

Partner A: 10-Cal. Assault Bike

Partner B: 5 Clean and Jerks (RX: 155/105) (Scaled: 115/75)

Switch positions once partners are both done. 
Reset bike before each partner starts.

Finals WOD

RX :


  • TBA

  • Top 4 teams after the first 3 WODS Qualify.

Scaled :


  • TBA

  • Top 4 teams after the first 3 WODS Qualify.