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Success Stories


Amanda L.

I came to CrossFit 630 in July 2016 still very new to CrossFit and still struggling with depression. With the added stress of summer classes and a heavy work schedule, it became easy for me to slip back into the cycle of working out for a few days in a row and then quitting. Noticing this, Nate reached out to me and encouraged me to come back to the gym. I’m glad he did. Even though I was having a hard time, I noticed that whenever I came into CrossFit 630, I felt a little bit better.

Keith M.

I was thinking about trying CrossFit for a couple of months but was reluctant. I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up and worried about making a fool of myself. After my first week at CrossFit 630 I couldn't believe how much time I had wasted working out on my own. I only wish I would have joined sooner. 


The coaches and members are extremely welcoming and make you feel right at home. In my 4 years working out at LA Fitness gym I don't think I met more than 2 people. I have been at CrossFit 630 for 6 months and have already met more people than I can count. 


Having a trainer present for every workout is such an advantage. I go in the mornings and Nate has taught me so much about technique, form, and strategy. Far more than I would ever have learned on my own.


Mike P.

I see people at all different fitness levels at CrossFit 630 every day, what we all have in common is that we're improving ourselves. No matter how experienced or strong someone is, the coaches do a great job of scaling the workouts so it's appropriate for each person. Anyone can join, even if you haven't worked out in years the coaches will tailor the workouts for you.


Probably the best part about 630 is the family atmosphere. I look forward to going to 630 every day; everyone is always encouraging each other and it's great to make new friends.

Karleigh C.

Since joining CrossFit 630, I have lost nearly 30 lbs. I used to always take weight loss pills when I worked out and I had never really seen great results. When I started going to CrossFit consistently, I completely nixed the weight loss supplements and committed to eating healthy and staying on track with exercise. Today, I feel the best that I ever have about my body. Not only have I lost weight, but I have seen so many other changes as well. I can actually see muscles in my arms and back now (I know, I think it’s crazy too). I have learned to control my breathing during class which has helped me tremendously with my running. I just signed up for my first full marathon and completely intend to utilize CrossFit as a training tool.


Jen S.

In a class of three people or ten I always feel like we motivate each other to be our best, and I know even the smallest victories will be pound more, first pull up, sometimes just finishing...Showing up at the gym is suddenly easy, and I never thought I’d say that! Now, I can honestly, for the first time in my life feel fit.

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