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Team 630...

Helping our local teams gain the competitive edge needed to win.

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Mental Edge & Team Building

  • Technique & Explosion

  • Training W/ Competitive Edge


Why Team 630?


The Team 630 program is designed to give your team the competitive edge it needs during season by taking a smart and competitive approach to the off-season.  Our coaches will design a program


Our Pledge:


To combine top level coaching and an environment in which your team will earn the proper techniques needed to fulfill their true potential.


Our Goal:


We strive to teach, inspire and train our athletes to be their best.  We provide a place where your team can come, work hard, leave outside distractions and focus on getting better.  We believe in the power of great coaching, great programming and a competitive environment.  Our goal is to make your team better, and we commit to doing everything we can to do so


Next season starts NOW!. 


Team Training

Team 630...  

  • Proper Technique

  • Get Stronger

  • Get Faster

  • Explosiveness

  • Team Building

  • Mental Edge

  • Competitive Training Environment

  • Progress Tracking

Pricing TBD




We offer Team 630 Classes on the weekends.

  • Saturday & Sunday

    • ​We will work with your team to establish the best times to train.​

Volume Discounts



Meet Us

Let's set up a free consultation to discuss your team needs.  This will give us an idea of the specific training you have in mind and the goals you're looking to achieve.  

We can discuss our training methodologies and give you an idea of what you can expect from your team as they work for next season.



Our Team 630 Program



I see people at all different fitness levels at 630 everyday, what we all have in common is that  we're improving ourselves. No matter how experienced or how strong someone is the coaches do a great job of scaling the workouts.

Keith M., MEMBER

After my fist week at 630  I couldn't believe how much time I wasted working out on my own. I only wish I would have joined sooner


Showing up at the gym is suddenly easy, and I never thought I'd say that!

James B., MEMBER

630 in Naperville is home for me and has been instrumental in helping me make some significant life changes.

Courtney H., MEMBER

The coaches and the members bring so much positive energy into the gym. It keeps me motivated and looking forward to my time at 630


I would recommend  630 and Nate Steele  to anyone who is desires to improve their fitness at any level and do it with a great group of people who will encourage you on your fitness journey

Our Team

CrossFit Naperville, IL, Personal Training Naperville, IL
CrossFit Naperville, IL, Personal Training Naperville, IL
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