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I Want You to FAIL!

Do I have your attention?

Sounds counter intuitive to our gym and community message that constantly speaks of goals and reaching your true potential. But, is it really different than, "I want you to FAIL?" Think about it...

How do you really know what you're capable of if you don't push yourself the point of failure?

How do you really know how much weight you can lift until you actually reach the point of not being able to lift something? Isn't this the truest measure of knowing and then being able to proclaim those goals? You need to know the limit before you can break through it. If you have a preconceived notion that something is heavy or even too heavy, but you've never had the courage to attempt it, how do you really know? You need proof, I need proof!

How do you know you can't run a 6 minute mile? Well, where are you now? When is the last time you ran a mile? What was your time? Let's do it again right now.

Here's your scenario: You can't look at a watch, you just have to run. Oh, wait, for ever 10-seconds over 7 minutes you are, you have to complete 5 burpees.

With out the pressure of seeing your pace and the threat of something horrible (burpees), my bet is that you will give your best effort and we'll get a true measurement of where you're at right now. Does that mean you can't run a 6-minute mile, maybe, but that also just means you can't run it right now. With some training and something to strive for, will allow you to reach those things once thought impossible.

My point is that you don't really know, until you know.

Failure is essential to growth. Otherwise, you're just going through the motions. Who wants that? Don't be that person just plugging away. Pretty soon, you're life will pass you by and you'll look back on things wishing you would've tried. Even if you failed.

So the next time you come to the gym with ideas of your capacity, do me a favor, clear your mind and forget what you think you can do and actually find out what you can't do.

Failure is not negative! Failure is a necessity in your path to personal growth. One of my favorite sayings is, "Get comfortable with the uncomfortable." This is no better described than in this thinking of "I want you to FAIL!" You have to be comfortable with this mindset to succeed.


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