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Member Spotlight: Amanda L.

In high school, I enjoyed staying active through cross country and lacrosse. I kept up with running and lacrosse in college: I ran my first half marathon and became president of the women’s lacrosse team. I loved pushing myself to reach new goals, I loved competing, and I loved escaping from the rest of the world through exercise.

In March 2015, something happened and my life was turned upside down. I spent that summer sitting in my room, immobilized with depression. I wasn’t really living, just existing; but even that was exhausting. How was I supposed to go on a run when all of my energy was being used pretending I’m okay? I gained close to 50lbs. I didn’t recognize myself anymore; I didn’t look or feel like who I used to be. As I started to pick up the pieces of my life again, I knew I would feel better mentally and physically if I started to work out again. But I quickly realized it was not going to be easy. After months of inactivity, I was trying to work out at the same caliber that I was previously. This led to cycles of me working out, becoming discouraged, and quitting.

In February 2016, a friend introduced me to CrossFit. I loved the variety of the workouts and the class environment pushed me to do better. I came to CrossFit 630 in July 2016 still very new to CrossFit and still struggling with depression. With the added stress of summer classes and a heavy work schedule, it became easy for me to slip back into the cycle of working out for a few days in a row and then quitting. Noticing this, Nate reached out to me and encouraged me to come back to the gym. I’m glad he did. Even though I was having a hard time, I noticed that whenever I came into CrossFit 630, I felt a little bit better.

I remember one time specifically, the workout was called “Hundos” and I was having a really difficult day. The workout had simple movements and was not intimidating compared to others I had done, but for whatever reason, I just had the mindset that I couldn’t do it. At the thirty minute time cap, I still had one round to go and I asked Nate if I should finish it. I told him I was having trouble but it was more of a mental thing than physical. He said that the best way to overcome those mental challenges is to push through it. So I took a breath and finished the workout. Since that day, I have been consistently coming to 630.

I have lost 30lbs since October and gained so many strong and supportive friends. I’m no longer wishing to be the “old me” again because I know I’m stronger and happier today than I was before.

Coach's Notes:

Amanda's transformation on both the mental and physical sides have been extremely rewarding to witness. Usually when you see someone on a consistent basis it's hard to notice significant change, but with Amanda, it's been one of those WOW deals. She has consistently pushed herself in her training and it has really paid off. Her strength numbers, her RX workouts and her now pull ups. YES!!!!

It's been really fun to see these things happen for her, but you know what, she has EARNED every little things she's gotten in the gym. I know she had some people that pushed her to do better on this part of her journey, but she should now know, others are looking to her for their push. Your transformation and story are inspirational. Keep blazing your trail!


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