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Open Letter to CrossFit 630 Members

As today wraps up and The CrossFit Open ends, I want to take a moment to reflect and thank ALL of the members of our amazing community for participating in the annual event. This is a time of the year which can be exciting, stressful and even overwhelming for people (Thursday night anxiety sucks!). I'm so proud of everyone, not only the people that signed up for the Open, but those who came in and put it all out there each and every Friday we did these workouts.

Over the last five weeks, we not only learned things about each other, we also learned things about ourselves. I've participated in the Open since the very first one back in 2010, but this year, I learned some important things about myself. I learned that even though I'm getting older, I'm still getting better. That's the beauty of this test. Sure, you can see how you rank globally, regionally and even gym wide, but you can also see how you stack up to your younger self. Measurable fitness is fantastic.

Our gym really represented itself well. We had 49 people actually sign up and register for the Open. Hopefully we can double that for next year, or get ALL of our members sign up. It's so worth it.

Friday Night Lights was an AWESOME addition! I realize some of you couldn't make it to those events, but I can say, with out a doubt, you missed out. Getting together and stepping outside your comfort zone with others is why our community is so strong. The support we gave each other, the encouragement I saw, and the genuine reactions to others was something that I really love. It makes my career path so fulfilling.

I realize it's a small part of the calendar year, but it carries such a high impact on people and gym communities. Seeing people compete for the first time, put everything they have into a workout, and know that they CAN do things they didn't think possible, is so cool.

Each week brought specific challenges with different types of movements and the need to be well rounded in your fitness. The programming of the Open this year was by far my favorite. I really enjoyed the workouts and I thought it was a great representation of the CrossFit methodology.

So, I again want to thank all of you for putting in supreme effort during these weekly workouts. I really had an amazing time coaching and participating with you. It really shows that myself and the other coaches at CrossFit 630 make a difference in lives each and every day. You should be proud of yourself. I know I am.

See you next year CrossFit Open! CrossFit 630 will be up for whatever challenges you present us.


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