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Member Spotlight: Lisa B. - "I'm down 30+ lbs, 10+ percent body fat, and up 5+ lbs of musc

"I have always been a really competitive person. There were not many sports I didn’t play growing up. Whether it was volleyball, softball, tennis, or water polo, I was always signed up for something. When college hit, life got in the way and was not able to be as active as I wanted to be. I worked at a gym, but without the competitiveness and team camaraderie, I found myself skipping workouts and not really getting into a good rhythm. I have tried boot camps, weight loss challenges, weight watchers, personal trainers, and online workout programs. Nothing seemed to really challenge me or keep me motivated, until I found Crossfit.

In January of 2013, I was asked to stand up in a friend’s wedding. I immediately got work in the gym. I hired a personal trainer, and did lose quite a bit of weight. But after a while, the workouts got to be really routine, and found myself not being pushed as hard as I wanted to be. I didn’t want to fall back on bad habits so I started to research this Crossfit thing I had been hearing so much about.

Walking into the box for the first time I was super intimidated. Everyone seemed to be in such good shape. I knew I had been working out, but just hoped it would be enough to keep up with everyone. All it took was one On Ramp class to know, this was what I had been looking for since high school. It was a competitive, yet friendly atmosphere, with a community, that encouraged me through every workout. I went on and off, for about a year and a half, before flying the coop and moving to Naperville.

After moving, I knew the 1st thing that I wanted to do was find a box in my area. I didn’t know anyone and knew how welcoming the Crossfit community could be. All it took was one phone call with Nate to know that 630 would be my new home. Yes, I am down 30#, 10 percent body fat, and up 5 lbs of muscle, but that is not the reason why I come everyday. It’s not what keeps me motivated to come to the 5:30 am class, if I have to work all day. It’s because of the community I have met here at 630. I have felt more at home at 630 over the last 6 months, than I have over the last 12 years of random gym memberships. As much as I look forward to seeing these guys in the workouts everyday, I get even more excited for the special events that Nate puts together.

My future at 630 is a bright one. I signed up for my 1st competition in April and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. “Strong is the new skinny” has always been a quote I thought was cool, but never really understood. But when I finally hit the 200 lb club on my dead lift it just clicked. I no longer am obsessed with the scale unless it is adding how many plates I just lifted. I want to continue to get stronger and start to tackle gymnastic movements. I know I still have a long way to go, but with amazing coaching staff at 630 nothing is impossible!"

Coach's Notes:

It's really hard to not notice the changes that Lisa has made. I hear at least once a week, someone telling her how good she looks. It's true, when you work hard and want it, you can acheive great things. We are very proud of Lisa and her acheivements, but we know this is only the begining for her. She's dedicated, and she's found something that clicked for her, and that's so awesome to see.

Lisa's story is just in its infancy, but as coaches, this is why we do this. Seeing someone make significant life changes and succeeding is why CrossFit 630 exists. She not only in an inspiration to all the members at the gym, she inspires the coaches to help others make positive changes too. Keep up the great work Lisa. The future is bright!


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