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Member Spotlight: Jen S.

Jen's been one of, if not, the most consistant members of CrossFit 630 since we opened the doors two years ago. She's put in a ton of work and it's paid off. I tell this story all the time to new people looking to become fit and stronger, so I'm sure you've heard it before.

Jen walked in our doors with a 135# 1-rep max deadlift after being at another gym for several years. That first day we did deadlifts I asked her what her goal was and she gave me a modest number, which I promptly shot down and told her that she'll be deadlifting 200# very soon. She looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am, but a few short months later she blew past her estimated goal and hit the one I put out there for her. She didn't stop there though, her current DL record is 210#.

This is a great example of pushing your expectations and not being afraid of something your mind tells you won't happen. Put in the work like Jen and you can achieve the once thought impossible. I'm so proud of Jen for a ton of her gains in the gym, but I'm also very thankful for her kindness and her welcoming attitude. Keep up the great work Jen, 225# here we come!

Here are a few questions we asked Jen. Get to know your fellow 630'ers!

Favorite Workout?

For a favorite WOD I would choose WOOD. Just kidding, that one sucks. I like Annie

and Filthy 50 because I can straight up beat my husband at those.

Favorite lift? I’m learning to like the Hang Power Snatch, though I still need a lot of work.

Favorite WOD song? The song that goes through my head when the workout gets sweaty and brutal is Gary Allan’s ‘Get Off On The Pain’. Love that song.

What inspires you? Sometimes just showing up is the hard part, so I am forever grateful to the 8:30 crew. I know if I show up, they’ll help get me moving. I’ve never finished a WOD and wished I hadn’t just done that, so when I’m at home and my laziness tries to overtake me I try to remind myself of that feeling of having moved and sweated and fist bumped and maybe PR’ed on a day I would have never expected it, and then I grab my gym bag and get in my car.

Hidden talents? Can’t think of anything exciting! How sad is that? Pete reminded me I do have an excellent Haunted House scream, but that’s still sad. You can skip this…

Nope...Did you know that Jen speaks spanish? So, when you get pissed at her for some reason, don't think you can get away with talking smack in a different language.

Why CrossFit? Before CrossFit, magazine vanity was my main diet and exercise motivator, now I try to focus not on not how painfully thin I can be from bikini season to bikini season, but being better, faster and stronger because now I know I need to measure my fitness in decades.


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