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What CrossFit Means To Me

I wanted to fill everyone in on what CrossFit means to me, why I fell in love with it, how it changed my life and why I want everyone to love it like I do.


It isn't just working out. It isn't just fitness. It isn't just community. It isn't just family. It isn't just about betterment. It isn't just about learning new things about myself. It isn't just... I could go on forever.

It's ALL of those things to me and much, much more.

Why I LOVE it...

Let us not forget what makes your CrossFit box a place you love to go.

COMMUNITY - Don't lose track of this and just go through the motions. Be a big part of it! Be accountable to yourself and everyone else.

CHEER and be SUPPORTIVE - Everyone finishes last in a WOD. You all know what that feels like. Don't leave those people to finish by themselves, CHEER them on. That's what makes our community special. Don't put your stuff away early and sneak out. F'ing STAY! Just like you, the people that finish after you are looking for a supportive environment. Spread the wealth of your happy smiling face with others and be there for them like others have been there for you!

KNOW THEIR NAME - Everyone in the class you're attending should be on a first name basis. Even if it's their first day or if they're dropping in, take 2-seconds to learn and remember their name. That way you can cheer them on as the work their ass off, just like you are. This should be EVERYDAY!!!

FAMILY - Part of making this a great hour of your busy day is getting to know everyone. As a result, over the course of time, you'll feel part of an extended family. Let's hang out outside the gym, let's grill out, let's go do fun active sports together, let's compete in CrossFit events outside the gym together.

CrossFit 630 - I LOVE you guys and I want nothing more than us to use these core principles to help you along your path to fitness. When you feel supported and a part of something greater than you, EVERYONE is better off for it. Not only will you grow, so will the people around you.

Changed My Life...

I have been personally invested in CrossFit for the better part of a decade now and have chosen to make my passion and my livelyhood. I started in the gym ownership game over 5+ years ago when I opened up CrossFit AMRAP. After selling out of it about a year later, I helped open CrossFit Warrenville. That experience and the people there showed me what a passion I have to help others along their journey to fitness. We showed success enough there to open up CrossFit 630 and I've had the absolute pleasure to work daily with our members.

A lot of things have changed recently in my personal life, but the one thing that has stayed constant is CrossFit. I appreciate that and realize what it has meant to my mental and physical health. My commitment, to not only myself, but to my members, is that moving forward, I promise to never lose sight of why I love it and why it's changed my life.

I'm invested in CrossFit as a methodology that really works for people, but more importantly, I'm invested in making you a better you and me a better me!

You Should Love it Like Me...

I know that CrossFit isn't for everyone, but in the same breath I can tell you, it IS for everyone. Everyone can do it, you just have to want to better yourself. You are capable of great things if you get your mind out of the way.

We all need to do some of the things listed above and your love for it will just happen. You won't even realize it, it just becomes part of your days and part of your life.

I'm commited, are you?

Nate Steele

CrossFit 630

Owner / Lead Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 & Level 2

(630) 791-0498


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