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The Legend of "The Cherry Picker"

In a very deep part of the human brain resides a horrible monster. It's full of unimaginable terrible power. It creeps thoughts of doubt and builds excuses into your thought pattern that can overtake all rational thinking. This beast is known as... "The Cherry Picker".

Be honest, has it visited you lately? Did you succumb to its poisonous bite or did you buck up and perservere?

Let's just lay out a senario in which this beast can rear its head:

- The WOD (Workout of the Day) is posted and released the night before. You have every intention on making it into the gym and starting your week off on the right foot by crushing a workout and getting your fitness back on track from some questionable weekend decisions. However, you hear a buzz on your phone and rush to see what to expect in the morning and mentally prepare yourself for the workout to come. Then, you read the notification and your heart drops. The little voice in your head starts, "I f'ing hate overhead squats." Then the snowball effect of excuses start flooding your brain. "My shoulders are tight." "#restday!" " I aint interested in finishing last." "Who's got time for that?." "That's just a stupid workout." "Nobody likes that s4$+." Blah Blah Blah!!!!

That's "The Cherry Picker" calling you! Your alarm goes off. Snooze #1. Beep Beep Beep. Snooze #2. "Ah, screw it, I'll go in tomorrow." Guess what? You LOST! The beast got you. You've been picked.

You know who you are. Don't let this happen. If there's something you aren't that great at, work on it! Become proficient in all areas, not just crush the things you're already a badass at. To get better all around, work on EVERYTHING! So when you see something that isn't in your wheelhouse, buck up, slap "The Cherry Picker" and WOD out.

As your coach, I challenge all of you to do some of the things you hate. Work on them and win. Don't choose to come to the gym just because it's something you'll cruise through. I think it's time we take a little hiatus from posting the workouts the night before. Come in, put your best effort into each and everyday at becoming a better version of you. Prepare for all and be do everything. Unknown and unknowable.

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Happy hunting!


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