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Member Spotlight: Julie V.

I began my Fitness journey after I had my FIRST set of twins (Yes, you read that correctly). I personally was never successful or motivated enough to head into a gym and workout on my own. My boys were 2 years old and I realized I needed more motivation. I started reading information regarding CrossFit and that's when I came across CrossFit 630. I still wasn't sure or perhaps confident enough to think I could do a CrossFit workout. I signed up anyway for my first class and that's when I met Nate. My doubts and fears completely went away after I had my first class. Nate was helpful, welcoming, and amazingly motivating! I soon met the other coaches and realized all the coaches were extremely helpful and motivating as well.

One thing I noticed right away when I walked into the box was how welcoming the community was. When you are pushing through a workout you realize how many people are cheering you on and motivating you to give it your all. That's when I knew I was hooked!

Shortly after joining I became pregnant with my SECOND set of twins (Yes, you read that correctly). I knew right away that I would be going back to 630 when my body was ready.

I've been attending again now for the past 6 months and I can tell you I'm stronger, healthier, and more confident then I've ever been. When I returned to 630 I was overweight, had no energy, and wasn't even strong enough to put weights on a bar. I've surpassed my own expectations with the gains I have made in such a short amount of time. I'm doing 155 pound deadlifts, surpassing my goal times with WODs, and I've lost over 30 pounds.

The Strength and endurance I've gained in just a short amount of time has given me the

courage to continue my fitness journey. I plan on continuing my journey at 630 in hopes to not

only continue to grow my strength, but to become more fit then I've ever been! I can't thank all

the coaches enough for giving me the confidence, strength and motivation I needed after having

2 sets of twins. 630 has given me more than I could ask for in all aspects of my life!


Julie is one of my all-time favorite training stories. She is so resilient, obviously, but the fact that she makes time to better herself with two, count them, two sets of twins, is such a remarkable thing. It goes to show you that anything is possible. She probably doesn't know, but she's a huge inspiration and a source for motivation for a lot of people in here.

When I tell people that she has two sets of twins, they immediately give her props for that, but also for seeing her in the gym regularly. She's a prime example of perseverance and knowing that you need to do things for yourself. She recognizes how important it is to herself and to her family that she feels good, feels confident and feels energized.

I know me and my team are so impressed with you Julie. Keep working hard! We're excited to see where your fitness journey takes you. Sky's the limit.


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