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Member Spotlight: Karleigh C.

My Journey:

"I joined the CrossFit 630 family in March 2016 and I'm so glad to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. I had started dating a guy just a couple of months prior to joining that often talked about some CrossFit class that he would go to. At first, I thought it was weird that we had to plan our dates around the class schedule. I had been running and training for a half marathon at the time so I understood wanting to be fit, but I didn't understand his commitment to/excitement about this class. One day, he suggested that I tag along to experience it for myself and I hesitantly agreed. I had played sports in high school and absolutely loved being part of a team and working out with my friends. I had continued to work out consistently at a gym throughout college but got off track after I graduated. I moved halfway across the country, started a new job and gained a lot of weight. I had tried to start going to the gym again once I had settled into my new life of employment, but found myself feeling too self-conscious to keep it up. When I moved back to Illinois, I got into the habit of running because it was something I could do without having to go to a gym and feeling like people were judging me. So, I was definitely nervous when I walked into 630 for the first time to try a class. Coach Nate immediately came up to me and welcomed me into the gym. He worked with me throughout my entire first class to ensure that I understood the movements and put up with my constant nervous giggling (props to you, Nate). I was able to push through that first class and left feeling like the workout had not only challenged me but it had been FUN! Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with the sport and the 630 box. Since joining CrossFit 630, I have lost nearly 30 lbs. I used to always take weight loss pills when I worked out and I had never really seen great results. When I started going to CrossFit consistently, I completely nixed the weight loss supplements and committed to eating healthy and staying on track with exercise. Today, I feel the best that I ever have about my body. Not only have I lost weight, but I have seen so many other changes as well. I can actually see muscles in my arms and back now (I know, I think it’s crazy too). I have learned to control my breathing during class which has helped me tremendously with my running. I just signed up for my first full marathon and completely intend to utilize CrossFit as a training tool. I am proud and excited to go to 630 and I am always happy to recommend it to my friends/family. I have learned so much from the coaches and my fellow classmates – everyone is always wonderful and willing to help. I have so much fun doing each and every workout and even goofing around during class (sorry, guys!). The coaches are always patient and willing to work with me individually on the things I would like to improve. It is such a great atmosphere at 630 that I don’t feel self-conscious when I work out anymore. I even wiped out trying to do a freestanding hand stand the other day and felt fine about it (mostly – thanks for that Coach Michael). I am happy to say that because of CrossFit 630, I see working out as a fun activity and the best part of my day. I plan to continue going to class and hopefully compete in a few events with some of my gym mates. And, yes, I now plan my dates around the class schedule as well."

Coach's Notes:

Karleigh has been an awesome addition to the gym and our community. She is soooo strong and it's been great to witness her coming out of her shell and really dive into CrossFit. The one thing I know for certainty when she walks in the door is that we'll be seeing her infectious smile throughout class. Of course, like most people that come in, there's some trepidation initially, but once that's overcome, you to can make significant life changes, like Karleigh has.

I so look forward to her conquering more things in the gym and getting her outside 630 to compete in a local competition soon. Keep up the good work Karleigh! This is just the begining of your badassness! :)


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