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Success Stories

Becky M.


LITE has changed my workout & my body!

Kristina is motivating & energetic!  My favorite part is that we never do the same workout so you never get bored!  She creates a challenging, full-body workout using a variety of equipment that are customizable to my abilities.  It is an intense, effective & high-energy workout that leaves me feeling great!  I am stronger & I look forward to going back each time.  Plus, my kids love being able to watch me workout instead of being left with strangers where they get scared & never know when you are coming back.  Being able to see me from the safety of a gated area makes everyone happier.

Sarah W.


LITE with Kristina has been a great thing for me. She does a great job at motivating me to do my best at each and every workout.  I love the fact that the workouts are different each time, challenging in many ways, and a lot of fun.  I also love the fact that all abilities are challenged.

Debbie M.


I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to work-out at all or I get bored with my work-outs! With Kristina's work-outs she makes every work out different! I feel like I'm getting a good balance of cardio and strength training! Kristina. Is very encouraging, motivating, and knowledgeable about proper technique! I highly recommend her LITE class to anyone who wants a well- rounded workout with a motivational trainer!!

Anne C.


I look forward to each LITE class - I love the camaraderie and motivation of being with fit and strong women, I get a full-body strength workout that is much more thorough than anything I would do on my own, and I love the accomplishment I feel when I've completed each class." 



I cannot say enough positive things -- I love how we work different muscles each time, I love the variety of the moves, the way you bundle them to keep it interesting, I love how people of varying levels can all work together and get a great workout.  My  heart rate soars each time, so I am improving my cardio too.

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