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Jen S.


I have always been a little lazy when it comes to exercising.  In my 20’s I didn’t think I needed it.  In my 30’s I would do a class or two and cut calories until I got to where I thought I should be.  I did what I thought I ought to but never really enjoyed it.  In my 40’s I started CrossFit after being badgered by my husband to join him. We joined CF630 when it opened in November 2013, and from the very first class with Nate, when he loaded my deadlift barbell with 30 more pounds than I had ever lifted and talked me through standing it up, I realized my biggest obstacle was underestimating myself. I still occasionally have my doubts when I see some of the workouts, but I know that Nate isn’t going to push me to do anything he knows I can’t do...He will, however, push me to do what I can, which turns out to be more than I would have ever expected.  In a class of three people or ten I always feel like we motivate each other to be our best, and I know even the smallest victories will be pound more, first pull up, sometimes just finishing...Showing up at the gym is suddenly easy, and I never thought I’d say that!  Now, in March 2015 at 45 years old, I can honestly, for the first time in my life, say I feel fit. I weigh five more pounds now than I did when I started in November 2013, but I am a full pants size smaller, two belt loops tighter, and 4% less body fat.  At CF630 I’ve been encouraged to consider the quality of my calories over the quantity, and I realized quickly that starving myself should never have been an option.  What I love most now about loading a barbell, sweating my way through something challenging or sitting down to dinner afterwards is that my three daughters see their Mom living well, moving well, and eating well in a way that I would be happy for them to model.  I wouldn’t have said that before I trained with Nate.

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