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Courtney H.


"I can't say enough about how great this gym is and all of the positive things it has brought into my life. Like many others, I was very active in high school playing sports year round. College came and I quickly transitioned into a lifestyle with very little exercise, a lot of nights out, and too many cheap greasy meals. I would sporadically find motivation to start going to the gym and eating well but it never lasted more than a couple weeks at a time. I had friends that got into Crossfit that would not let up about how great it is. I envied them as they got fit but insisted Crossfit wasn’t for me. I always thought it was too hard and I could never keep up. After college I landed in Naperville knowing very few people in the area and not feeling great about my physical state. I finally gave in and signed up for the On Ramp class at 630. A little over a year later and I haven’t looked back. I have come so far since I started and accomplished things I never thought I would be able to do. But what keeps me coming back isn’t the gains that I’ve made, it’s the people. The coaches and the members bring so much positive energy into the gym. It keeps me motivated and looking forward to my time at 630. That is something I’ve never found at a traditional gym and what made all the difference in my drive to better myself. I’ve made good friends there and really feel like I’m part of a community. It has helped to make Naperville home for me. I never thought I would enjoy working out or that I could stay committed to going to the gym for so long. 630 changed that and now I know, never say never!"

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