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The 2021 CrossFit 630 Reindeer Games


  • December 20th - 23rd

  • AM vs. PM Classes  - MUST LOG YOUR RESULTS IN CHALK IT by the end of the day!!!

  • AMRAP style workouts (All levels will count the same.)

  • Score will be the average for each team for that day.

  • Athletes that sometimes come in the AM and then other times in the PM, their scores will be counted towards the time that day in which they come.

  • Judges/Counters will be needed (similar to The Coaches Classic)

  • Presents (aka... Privileges or Punishments)

    • There will be presents/envelopes at the gym in which the winning team will be able to choose and open, or give to the other team.   The designated opener for the winning team will decide (on video) whether or not they're taking the contents of the present or if they're going to give it to the other team.  This has to be decided BEFORE it's opened and the contents are revealed.  Choose wisely!

    • We will have an equal number of privileges and punishments.

    • The contents of the envelope must be completed by the next set of classes (am or pm).  Coaches will make sure these are carried out before, during or after the WOD, depending on what's been given or taken.

  • What's at stake here?  Obviously bragging rights and your name being associated with greatness for being on the winning team, but also the losing team members will partake in 100 Grinchees (aka... Burpees).  These will need to be completed by the end of the year (2020) and all at one time.  No splitting over days or weeks.


Good luck and have FUN!!!



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