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Mike P.


"I've worked out by myself for years, doing everything from marathons and triathlons to lifting weights at the local Lifetime. I was bored and I hit a plateau with my fitness and strength. Last August a friend convinced me to give CrossFit 630 a try. I was hesitant at first, I thought I was in ok shape but wasn't sure how I'd handle the lifting or intense cardio. All my nervousness went away the first time I stepped in the gym. I participated in Nate's on ramp class and it was great, I learned all the movements and lifts before joining the regular classes.


I see people at all different fitness levels at CrossFit 630 every day, what we all have in common is that we're improving ourselves. No matter how experienced or strong someone is, the coaches do a great job of scaling the workouts so it's appropriate for each person. Anyone can join, even if you haven't worked out in years the coaches will tailor the workouts for you.


Probably the best part about 630 is the family atmosphere. I look forward to going to 630 every day; everyone is always encouraging each other and it's great to make new friends and participate competitions and social outings with the 630 family. Things have gone so well that my wife joined recently and now my kids are doing CrossFit kids every week.


Looking back at the past 6 months, it's pretty amazing how far I've come. I've dropped 10 pounds and I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm doing workouts and lifts that I never thought would've been possible a year ago. I just wish I had started sooner."

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