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John C.


"I started CrossFit in August 2014, with the goal of getting into the best shape I could

possibly be for my age. I had owned a martial arts school for 20 years and I have over

30 years of experience teaching and training. I sold My Hapkido School in 2005 and for

9 years I had not really worked out as hard as I would havepreferred . I missed the

intensity of training hard with a great group of people.

In February 2014 I approached Nate Steele at CrossFit 630 in Naperville. I had very

little experience with basic weightlifting skills. I enjoyed the intensity of the workouts, I

was concerned about getting injured the age of 59. The gym I originally attend, in my

opinion did not spend an adequate amount of time and attention for me to feel safe with

Olympic lifting. I needed someone who would take an interest in my training and I could

trust on my new adventure.

Nate is a knowledgeable trainer with a unique way of delivering his message in a fun

and exciting way. He provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for everyone to

grow at their own pace. He engages people at their level so they can feel good about

their progress and encourages them to push themselves forward to new levels of


I feel he had a great deal of patience with me, as I was not a fast learner in the

beginning. Because of his coaching over the last year I have more than doubled my

strength and endurance without any type of injury. This is important to me because

Crossfit has become a part of my daily and weekly routine to relieve stress, relax and

have fun after a full day. 

My goal is to stay strong and healthy into my 80’s, 90’s and beyond. I can now see that

this is one way for me to accomplish this goal.

I would recommend Crossfit 630 and Nate Steele to anyone who desires to improve their

fitness at any level and do it with a great group of people who will encourage you on

your fitness journey.


John C."

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