Burn Fat
Build Confidence
Increase Energy
Want to: 
Lose Fat?
Build Confidence?
Increase Energy?
Be Healthier & Happier?

The 630 Challenge is for YOU!


The 630 Challenge is a 6-week program designed to jumpstart your new fit and healthy lifestyle.  We will prove, that with your effort and willingness to go all-in, we can positivley change your life.  During these 6-weeks you will begin to see changes in your body and mind. You will do things that surprise yourself and things that will motivate you to do more.  You will start to develop new habits that will help you live a long healthy lifestyle.


Our expert coaches will work with you to develop a plan of action and hold you accountable for reaching your goals. With our amazing instruction coupled with highly successful programing and nutritional guidance, you'll see the absolute best version of you.

What to expect:

  • 42 Day Fat Loss Program

  • 2 Fitness Baseline Scores

  • Nutrition Discussion & Plan

  • Accountability Coach

  • Healthy Habits Lectures

  • 2 Body Composition Scans

  • At Home Workouts

  • Community Support Forum

Journey Starts

Your journey to a new you starts NOW!  The 630 Challenge is designed to start you on your path to health and fitness.  We've developed a plan to give you a jumpstart. With that, you'll develop a longlasting foundation of health, even long after the bootcamp ends.


We offer a non-judgmental environment with everyday people looking to better themselves.  Our community is amazing and truly supportive of one another.  Each person is invested in the betterment of others and that's the BEST!


The 630 Challenge begins with our Orientation Day. This is on a Saturday and will allow us to establish your baselines and go through the program.

Success Plan

Our coaches will discuss and develop a specific plan of action to help you acheive your goals. We want to help you improve your health, fitness, nutrition and overall lifestyle.

Healthy Habits

Better habits need to be formed and we want to prepare you the best we can to make them. Success is predicated on multiple healthier habits being buil upon each other. All the small steps add up in the end to mage BIG changes!  

Personalized Coaching

Our coaching staff is invested in seeing you get better.  We all have a passion for helping others along their journey as we have been helped on ours.

Accountability & Tracking

You will be held accoutable for your actions at the gym as well as away from it. The team in here wants to give you the best opportunity to make you the best you, and we know accountability for attendance and workout tracking is important.


When you complete the 6-week Challenge, you'll be a different version of you. You'll have developed some healthier habits and made a few new friends along the way.  We're excited to see what's next for you and we're excited to be a part of it.

Are You Ready to Go ALL IN?

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