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Member Spotlight: Helene B.

My husband, Jeff and I just celebrated our one year anniversary at CrossFit 630! It has been a wonderful year full of of challenging workouts and a lot of fun!

One day last summer I said to Jeff, let's try CrossFit and see what it's like. I had heard about CrossFit from work associates in Dallas, TX. I was intrigued by their enthusiasm and fitness results. Jeff was skeptical but I convinced him we would just give it a try for a week and see if we could keep up with the group.

We met with Nate on the first day. I told him that being in our late 50's we were worried about injuries and the ability to get through the workouts. He assured us that every workout could be scaled to our level of fitness. That's all we needed to hear and we were sold! Nate really watched our form on everything we did (he still does!) and we felt confident that we could push ourselves in workouts without fear of injury.

Jeff and I have always been active. I am not athletic by nature but I love to run and have been running non-competitively for 25 years. I have also done Jazzercise (now I'm really dating myself), spinning, yoga, step classes, kickboxing, etc. The problem was I would become bored after a year or so with most classes.

The really great aspect of CrossFit for me is that the workouts are different every time I attend a class. I love the variety and the challenge. I have never left a session disappointed in the workout. There have been workouts that I have struggled with (burpees) but I battle through and feel like I have really accomplished something every time I finish one.

Another remarkable part of CrossFit 630 is the people! The coaches are all terrific as well, but the athletes are all very supportive and friendly. No one judges anyone else based on their fitness level. This has been a big factor for me. I have belonged to gyms where no one makes eye contact and the instructors have no vested interest in the members. Crossfit 630 is truly a family!

My fitness goal is "slow and steady wins the race". I have seen much improvement in my endurance and overall strength. I have slowly added weight to my workouts and am very pleased with my progress.

My goal is to continue to improve by pushing myself just a little bit more during each workout. I feel stronger and much more confident after every workout. I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived and am always glad I showed up!

Coach's Note:

Helene is someone I laugh with each and every time she comes to the gym. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and everyone that works out with her feels welcomed. She is what we want our community to be as a whole. Great attitude, willingness to learn, gives it everything she has and is a friend to all.

It's been an absolute pleasure watching her evolve as a CrossFit athlete over this past year and I look forward to seeing her continue on her path moving forward. We even got Helene to take part in our annual in-house competition a few weeks back and she did so well. I'm proud of what's she's doing for her ongoing health and I'm ready to see her continue to step outside her comfort zone. Keep up the good work!


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