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Member Spotlight: Keith McMahon

It's my pleasure to announce Keith as our newest Member Spotlight. Keith is one of the most, if not the most, dedicated athlete we have at CrossFit 630. He's commited himself to coming in and putting in the work on a consistant basis. You can find him at the 8:30 am class everyday of the week and occasionally for our Saturday morning team WODs. Don't let his quiet humble nature fool you. He's a beast and getting better each and every week. His gains have been fantastic to see over the past year and I'm excited to see what he has instore moving forward. The best compliment that I can give anyone at our gym is that they know they're a tremendous part of our community when others look forward to working out with them. That describes Keith perfectly. Others look forward to working out next to him and being both pushed by and ecncouraged by him. Keep up the awesome work Keith!

P.S. - It looks like we have a new full time front man for our next Rock Band tour. :)

Favorite Workout?

I really like any workout that leaves me laying on the ground when I finish. But I would say my favorite workout I have done at 630 was the Hero WOD - Nate.

Favorite lift?

Squat Clean

Favorite WOD song?

Foo Fighters "Best Of You"

What inspires you?

After going to a Globo Gym for several years I can really appreciate what a motivator it is to work out with a group. You can push yourself so much harder when you are working out with others who are doing the same workout. I joined 630 in September of 2014 and it is awesome to see how much everyone has improved in just the past 10 months. Working out with everyone pushes me to go faster and work on my weaknesses.

Hidden talents?

My Mom literally forced me to do choir in High School, but as a result I have some pretty solid pipes...

Why CrossFit?

I mentioned earlier that I was working out alone at a Globo Gym for several years. Last summer I was watching TV and came across a replay of the 2013 Crossfit Games. I was blown away at the stuff these guys were doing. The first workout I saw was Cinco 1 and 2. They were flying through 405# deadlifts and weighted pistols, and I didn't even know a handstand push up was possible. After that I googled Crossfit workouts and came across Fran. I was like "95 lbs?...That doesn't sound that hard." I tried it the next day, and almost died... and it took me 22 minutes to finish!! I had never worked out that hard in my life. I realized pretty quickly that I was wasting my time doing curls at LA Fitness and needed to join a Crossfit Gym. I have made more improvement in 10 months at 630 than I did in 5+ years of working out alone. I love the 630 work outs and atmosphere and just wish I would have started CrossFit sooner so I could actually keep up with the 8:30 crew :)


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