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You’re cordially invited to participate in the NEW YEAR 2015 Body Composition Challenge.


This is both a mental and physical challenge that you’ll be waging against yourself. Can you stay clean for 8-weeks and turn yourself into a lean mean WOD killing machine? The ones who can will be rewarded with more than money.


  • Wanna be healthy?

  • Wanna rock it this summer?

  • Wanna look better naked?

  • Wanna see muscles you never knew existed?

  • Wanna PR?



  1. Dates:

  • Starting - Monday January 12th

  • Ending - Sunday March 8th.  (Just in time for Spring & Summer!)


This is an eight week challenge for those willing to accept a little sacrifice for their own betterment. The person(s) that can pair staying discipline with their food choices, coupled with their dedication in the gym, will see the greatest results. Can you do it?


  2. Entry Fee & Pictures:

  • $40

  • This is due before the challenge starts. Please see a trainer and hand over the cash. If we don’t get your entry fee before the 12th, you’re out.

  • When you turn in your money you will be required to take your before picture. Guys, it is recommended that you wear shorts and no shirt.  Ladies, it is recommended that you wear shorts and sports bra.  The after pictures will need to be done no later than March 9th. If you’re out of town or can’t make it to the gym that week you’ll need to take them at home and e-mail them to the trainers by then.


  3. Prizes: 1st , 2nd & 3rd places will win an appropriate % of the pot.

  • 100% of the money will be given to the winners.



  4.  Scoring:

  • Points for logged workouts (There is a cap on points per week. Rest is also your friend.)

  • Points for logged meals (These are evaluated differently. Cheat meals will still get you points if they’re logged. The point is...log everything and own what you eat.)

  • We will also be requiring a set of before and after measurements.  You can print the guide sheet HERE.

  • Pre & Post workout nutrition will still be counted as full point days. I.E. protein supplementation. The rule for this is that it HAS TO BE TAKEN RIGHT BEFORE THE WOD AND WITHIN 20-MINUTES POST WOD.

  • Points for baseline WODs and/or lifts. Let your performances speak for themselves. These will be tested at the beginning and again at the end. They will be a secret so, NO GAMING! The evaluations may have started already (so tricky).

  • Before & After Pictures – This is not a weight loss competition; it’s about body composition change. Stay disciplined and you’ll be amazed at the transformations. The points awarded for this are valued more toward determining the overall winners. It’s also a byproduct of the hard work put in on the above criteria.



Pathways to betterment, choose 1 and stick with it.  Your logs will be based on how well you follow the plan you've chosen.  


  • Paleo / Clean Eating

    • Cinderella Paleo Catering ( (Online ordering and gym delivery.)

    • Facebook Resources:

      • CrossFit 630 Healthy Eating Support Group (Share recipies and success stories with others.)

      • Nom Nom Paleo

      • Stupid Easy Paleo

      • PaleoOMG

      • Paleoaholic

    • Coach Nate and Coach Kevin are good resources to chat with as well.

    • Speak with Macy, she won our last challenge and is more than willing to answer your questions about what she did.

    • Food List:



  • Isagenix (30-day plans and shake supplemantation options)


If you're too busy to devote the time to meal prepping and contantly being on the go makes it impossible to do the Paleo lifestyle, I get it.  You still need to do something and this is an option that I actually use every single day and I feel great.  You can still partake in the challenge and see HUGE results on a mindless easy to follow plan.  There is going to be sacrafice here as well, don't be fooled because it's easy to follow.  Just like anything, you'l need to get into the routine. 



Here's what I would reccommend:




There are a lot of these types of programs out there, but I can only speak on this one, it's great and convenient.  If you are interested in this system, but have some questions.  Let me know and I'll get you in contact with someone to answer some more specific questions.


Here's the success story of a local CrossFitter using Isagenix:






Every one of your workouts and meals should be logged during this challenge. This is how we’ll keep track of your points.  They will be due on each Monday.  Please don't forget.



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