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Next Session: Nov. 1st 


Reset - Refocus - Restart 

Beginners Course to Mental and Physical Health

  • ONLY 5 People per Session

  • Zero Experience Needed

  • Professionally Coached 

  • Education & Progressions Based per Individual

  • Programmed Workouts: @ Gym & Home Workouts

  • Nutrition Information Packets

  • InBody Scans

  • App Access

  • Supportive Environment

  • 6 Sessions - M, T, Th @ 5:30 pm (2-weeks)


PRICE: $149

The CrossFit 630 Reset - Refocus - Restart program is a series of dedicated sessions designed to re-wire the way you think about exercise, progressions and health.  Over 6 classes, CrossFit 630 will teach you proper movement, proper techniques and help you build the confidence needed to succeed in your workouts and in everyday health.  We will help you develop and reach your goals. 


We’ll work hard together to learn the basics of strength training and the power proper progressions based programming has on success.  Life is short, reach your full potential.


Body Composition Measurements:
This is the scary part for most people.  You need to know where your starting point is to really appreciate your future success.  We use a clinical grade tool known as the InBody composition scanner to read things like; skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, body fat percentage, water weight and more… This will build and develop motivation to continue your pursuit for a more healthy and empowered you.


Attend Every Class You Can:
The coaching and camaraderie you’ll get in each session will educate and motivate you to succeed.  The more you attend, the better set up you’ll be to reach your goals. This is the great secret. Working out with others in a safe and well coached environment breeds motivation and longevity. Learning and becoming better is a drive factor. We have an amazing community of people, just like you!


You will have access to a private track within our App, where everyone can pass motivation, successes and trials. This app will also allow you to track all your progress.


You will be provided with meal plans and grocery shopping list ideas to help with the tough part, eating well to support your new activity levels. Often the hardest part of any health and fitness routine is combining it with eating well. We are here to help you on that journey as well.


Bonus Workouts:
The program comes with Bonus Challenges and workouts.  You'll be encouraged to do these at home and submit your results within the App. These will be a great way to see how active recovery also plays a role in your fitness and in your overall health.


At the end of the program, we do body composition readings again to get some real data on your successes.  Granted, this will only be 2-weeks in, but you will be able to start seeing where this journey is headed.


You will now be prepared to join in on the other programs CrossFit 630 has to offer, where it be; CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or Personal Training.  Build on the things you've  learned here and fulfill your true potential.

Save My Spot!

Drop unwanted FAT!

Cardio & Aerobic Programming

Build Muscle & Tone

Introduction to proper

weightlifting techniques.

Proven formula for

sustained Success.

Tracking tools to measure success

Supportive, welcoming 

and motivating Community.

Look forward to going

to the gym! Healthy habits.

Questions: Call Coach Nate at (630) 791-0498 or EMAIL


I've surpassed my own expectations with the gains I have made in such a short amount of time. I'm doing 155 pound deadlifts, surpassing my goal times with workouts, and I've lost over 50 pounds.

Julie V.