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OLY Lifting

Why do personal Olympic Lifting Training?

Get the 1:1 attention it takes to really hone in on the intricicies of these lifts. It's a great opportunity to work on the skills and knowledge you already have, OR... learn from the foundation up with zero prior experience. Learn the proper movement patterns and just get comfortable with the barbell.

Who should attend?


Anyone!!! This is open to anyone who is interested in learning the Olympic Lifts. If you have been participating in CrossFit for five days or five years, this method of training is invaluable.

What can I expect to work on?

You will focus on the two main lifts the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. There will be work to improve flexibility and range of motion. There will be an emphasis on positional strength. There will  be programmed accessory movements with an aim to increase strength in the core and posterior chain. In addition to the classic two lifts there will be a focus on lifts that will improve your strength in these lifts. (squatting, presses and pulls)

I already know the lifts why should I do this?

Olympic lifters spend their days working on their lifts constantly chasing perfection. Everyone can benefit from taking some time to work on his or her technique in a controlled environment. The lifts will be taken apart and correction will be made based on the athletes performance, mobility and flexibility. Minor technical changes in your lifts will translate to bigger numbers. Many of the elite games athletes spend there time in the off-season working on strength and technique in these lifts.


How will training these lifts benefit me?

The Olympic lifts are part of the CrossFit methodology for a reason.

"Olympic weightlifters have been found to have higher vertical leaps and quicker 25-meter sprint times than any other athletes, including Olympic high-jumpers and sprinters. The technical explanation for this is that the weightlifters have better speed and strength; than any other athletes. Speed-strength is defined as a combination of starting strength (ability to fire many muscle units instantaneously) and explosive strength (ability to keep these motor units firing once turned on). The more useful explanation as to why they can out sprint and out leap all others is, quite simply, because they weightlift. (Weightlifting, remember, is the sport of Olympic lifting: the clean and jerk, and the snatch.) So, weightlifting is unsurpassed in developing lightning-quick athletic movement and has enormous carryover to all explosive sport." Greg Glassman- CrossFit Founder


No matter your sport of choice CrossFit, Basketball, Football you will find the snatch and clean and jerk programmed. Training in theses lifts will help your overall fitness. You will be stronger and faster in anything you do.


Will I lose some of my “cardio” by training in the Olympic lifts?

One study of elite athletes found that Olympic weightlifters burn almost as many calories per day as marathoners do, and another reported that, on average, the lifters have as little as 5 percent body fat. Granted, these men are moving more than 175,000 pounds in a typical training week, but they also eat 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day.

So what is it about the Olympic lifts that works such magic on the human body?


Most simply, they engage nearly all of your muscles to move weights farther and faster than conventional exercises. In fact, each repetition takes only a second or two from start to finish, which allows you to target your fast-twitch muscle fibers. These are the muscles with the greatest potential for size and strength, and the ones that are typically ignored in most men and women’ weight workouts.


Can I still take my regular CrossFit classes?

ABSOLUTELY!!! This program is meant to supplement your regular training. We will be utilizing the strength that’s already programmed through the CrossFit classes in this program. Instructor will discuss with the class how to train smart in this 6-week period to get the most of the program and the CrossFit classes.

1_1 Training
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