CrossFit 630 would like to welcome your team, to our team.  We're extremely excited to host you for another summer and help you get better.  We are dedicating the entire facility to your team as part of your training, starting in May 2018.  You will be assigned one or two dedicated coaches to your team, per training session.  Let's do this!


Here's what you can expect


  • Strength development

  • Metabolic conditioning

  • Mental toughness

  • Team building


We offer a program designed to help athletes take advantage of their offseason to grow mentally and physically.  Get a competitive edge through hard work and by learning correct weightlifting techniques that ensure you are strength training properly as well as expanding your metabolic conditioning.


We are a strength and conditioning gym that uses sport specific group training and specialized CrossFit style workouts to help maximize the performance of our athletes. Our goal is to make our athletes as strong and as explosive as possible by utilizing Olympic lifting and a structured weightlifting program.  We also tailor our conditioning programming to sport specific needs. Group training is extremely effective with this type of conditioning because of the competitive nature that comes with high intensity workouts. No matter what level of athlete someone may be, all of the workouts can be scaled to the appropriate level for any specific person.


Each and every class will be very structured and trainer led.  Depending on the class attendance demands, we will have the proper amount of coaches on duty to make sure everything is covered properly and the training time we have is maximized.  


The typical class session is made up of:


  • 1-Hour in length

  • Proper warm up and stretching

  • Movement review and safety protocol

  • Dedicated strength program

  • CrossFit style workout of the day (WOD)

  • Cool-down and recovery


Naperville Central High School Cheerleading
10 General Physical Skills
NCHS Cheer Team 1:
Meets Thursday's @ 3:30pm and Saturday Mornings at 10:00am (Starts May 17th)
NCHS Cheer Team 2:
The Summer session will meet on Monday's and Wednesday's at 2:00pm (Starts June 4th)
NCHS Cheer Special:
This 10-session card can be used for ANY of the CrossFit class sessions on the schedule.  
(60-day expiration date)