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Is Crossfit for me?
Crossfit can be for anyone.  It is a universally scalable strength and conditioning program that meets the needs of a variety of people, from top athletes to your 80 year old grandma.


What is a WOD?
WOD stands for Workout of the Day.  Everyday the workout will be posted on the website and on the whiteboard at the gym.  If you have questions about the workout, see a trainer.


What if I can't do the weight/movement that the workout is set for?
The trainers will help scale each WOD to your personal fitness level.  The WODs can be scaled by changing the weight, the reps, the distance, etc.


What's with the kipping pull-up?
The kipping pull-up allows for greater power output by allowing more work to be done in a shorter amount of time.  Don't worry, we do lots of deadhang and weighted pull-ups and chins.


What are functional movements?
Functional movements are things that you use on a dailly basis in everyday life like squatting, pressing and deadlifting.


What is constantly varied?
You will not be doing the same boring routine all the time.  Our workout programming is developed to challenge you physically and mentally in a different way each and every class.


What do all those silly acronyms mean?
AMRAP= as many rounds/reps as possible
HSPU= handstand push-up
RX= as prescribed
SDHP= sumo deadlift high pull
OHS= overhead squat
RM= rep max
Met-Con= metabolic conditioning workout
PR= personal record
pood= 16 kilos/35lbs


Is there a minimal fitness level required to start training?
No.  CrossFit is universally scaleable.  We tailor each workout to the individual's skill and strength level.  All the movements we have can be executed by individuals ages 3+.


Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs, but unfortunately our building does not allow animals on site.  Sorry!


How do I start?
Call us at (630) 791-0498 or e-mail to schedule a free intro session or to join the next Jump Start class.


I'm visiting can I drop in?
All fellow CrossFitters are welcome.  We ask that you have your affiliate owner e-mail us at to let us know you're a member and if there's anything we should know about.

Drop in fee is $20.


Do you do private training?
YES.  Please reference our RATES page.  Call us at (630) 123-4567 or e-mail to learn more.


Do you take credit cards?
We accept Visa and MasterCard.


Can I come in and workout on my own?
Yes, if you are a current member and have a coach's approval.


Why should I pay $175 a month?
Our members come because Crossfit works and it's fun.  They come because CrossFit 630 members receive instruction and coaching from certified CrossFit trainers in every class.  Class size is limited, ensuring that each member receives maximum attention while still being a part of the CrossFit 630 community.  Results!!!  Compare personal training expenses at a big box gym to what you'll receive at CrossFit 630, it's significantly less on a per class basis.


Why do I need to take the Beginner's 101 Course?
This class is set up to teach proper movement and technique.  It's designed to get you familiar with everything CrossFit and prepare you for the Workout of the Day (WOD).  Proper safety and bio-mechanics are vital to seeing gains.


Do I need to take On Ramp if I have prior CrossFit experience?
You will need to schedule an intro session with one of our coaches to go through your experience and pass a series of skills tests.  Your coach will determine if you're able to jump into the WODs.


What are Crossfit classes?
Classes consist of 60 minutes, which include: warm up, your workout, and a cool down.  They consist of group training using the CrossFit philosophy.  Each class is run by a certified CrossFit Trainer.

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