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Nate Isaak

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Nate grew up with a love of sports and being active outside. He played organized sports, which helped him transition into playing high school soccer and competing in track. Nate was given the opportunity to either play college level soccer or sprint on the college track team. He chose to run track which he regretted (haha).


Being in competitive athletics forced Nate start spending time in the gym lifting weights, something he grew to love. He eventually went to work for a large fitness corporation where he became a person trainer for few years. He loved helping people achieve their fitness and heath goals, seeing the results of their hard work.


After spending years in a “globo type” gym Nate was turned onto CrossFit by his brother-in-law. After trying a CrossFit class with his wife, he instantly became addicted to it and saw he was not in as much shape as he thought , haha.


Nate has spent 10 years in CrossFit motivated by his wife and his career that demands a high level of fitness for his current assignment. After he saw his wife attain her level 3 CrossFit trainer certification, Nate was inspired to become a CrossFit coach a start training people again.

  • CrossFit Level 1

Certifications & Education
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