CombatFit 630

"Selection" (6-week) Program 

The 6-weeks:

Unlike other fitness programs, CombatFit Selection, is a program with a set (maximum) roster. Make sure you reserve your spot. Athletes who sign up will be enrolled in all 6-weeks. We are looking for a measurable and trackable group to maximize results and prepare them for the next step in their path.


  • Meets 3x per week: Monday, Wedesday & Thursday @ 7:30 PM

  • Mental and physical Preparation

  • How to Meet weight requirements (Body Fat Composition)

  • How to Meet Initial Strength Test

  • Increase self esteem/ confidence/ mindset

  • K.I.M. GAME

  • Military knowledge

  • Rank Structure

  • Leadership Development

  • Battle Buddy system

  • Respect to leaders

  • Conditioning hike preparation

What Is CrossFit 630's CombatFit?



Working with tactical athletes is both an honor and privilege. Coaching men and women that put themselves on the line for us every day is something that should be taken with the utmost focus and attention to detail. Over the past 10 years years I have worked with all types of tactical athletes; Infantry Marines (Grunts), Force Reconnaissance Marines, Green Berets, Navy Seals, firefighters, LAPD S.W.A.T. and many more. What I have come to understand in those experiences is that physical training for operational performance is not a new concept. 


In fact, throughout history warriors and soldiers physically trained by performing various strength and conditioning exercises that later evolved into athletic events, such as boxing, wrestling and many track and field events. However, unlike the modern day athlete, these soldiers were not training for specific sports. They were training to be stronger, more powerful, and agile than their enemies on the battlefield. Their superior athletic prowess was developed for the primary purpose of becoming Physically prepared for battle. Ironically, the traits that we generally consider to be components of athleticism were requisite based on the demands of war. Thus, many of the first competitive athletes were actually soldiers. 


If you are looking to prepare for any military service and or first responder program and want to ensure you are in top physical shape with this advanced fitness program. This will be the first step towards accomplishing your mission. This workout regimen will feature high rep weight training,

running, ruck marching, higher rep calisthenics, fireman carries, bear crawls and many more challenging exercises.

Free Intro Session


This can be a scheduled call with Coach Michael or a dedicated appointment to come in, meet with Coach, and tour the facility.  Please call or e-mail us to set up your call or appointment.

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CombatFit Expectations:


Common Mistakes in Tactical Athlete Training:

The tactical athlete should and needs to be trained like any other athlete. The problem with many programs set forth by different organizations is they don’t separate the special needs and considerations that the tactical athlete

must possess. See Below



Not just the needs of the position, but the current state of the individual. The fitness and orthopedic health of the individual can vary greatly! A new cadet versus a veteran can be very different and assessing their current fitness and health are essential starting points. Since fitness testing may only occur during the entrance period of an organization, fitness may be greatly different for those that have spent considerable time in the field. There is also a need to develop testing protocols that are relevant to the needs of the job and can be measurable in both large group and individual settings. In addition, we must separate the ideals of training for long-term longevity in the military and training for testing. Just as with any athlete these two sometimes-conflicting concepts can be blended if proper analyses of both situations are made.

Common Injuries:

Many of these athletes have common injuries just like any other athlete. Lower back injuries, cardiac problems, overuse injuries are areas that need to be addressed by the Fitness program. Sometimes the best way to increase performance is to decrease injuries.

A Balanced Fitness Program:

Although there are many fitness programs that state they demonstrate balance in their programs, they often overemphasize a single component. Most often this is endurance aspect of training and other attributes are

missed because of the mindset of having to “beat up” the tactical athlete. Developing movement skills, flexibility, and strength in extreme ranges of motion are all important considerations of the fitness program. Yes, I am sorry there will also be a need for both aerobic and anaerobic training.


Analyzing Strength:

To say someone is “strong” is about as vague of term as one can use. Strength has be relevant to the demands of the sport or job. Many tactical athletes completely ignore vital aspects of strength such as isometric strength that is so important in the proper performance of their job. More time developing certain types of strength can be more advantageous for the tactical athlete both because of the combative side of the job as well as the time spent in specific postures.



The most challenging part of working with tactical athletes is the extreme demands they are placed under by long work hours and often times of very little sleep. Making recovery a priority will help many of the “overexertion” problems that often victimize the tactical athlete. Time away from work may be best spent on specific recovery techniques rather than performing intensive training.

The PT Test:

You will be tested on Pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, 1.5 Mile Run, and an agility ladder. This is designed to establish a benchmark for the specific branch of service or agency you are attempting to join. Once an established baseline has been achieved, we will determine the best training program to better prepare you for the rigors of recruit training.



Selection (6-weeks) Pricing
"Selection" 6-Week Course:
(Course Starts 9-19-16)
(Must Sign Up By 9-12-16)