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Welcome to the Sixth Annual CrossFit 630's Coach's Classic 


What is this?

This is a fun gym wide event/competition for all of us to participate in.  It's a 2-week "CrossFit Open" type of challenge with two workouts being released per week (Monday and Wednesday).  All teams scores will need to be in by that Friday night.  This allows team members to make up the workouts they had missed earlier in the week. Everyone will be participating.  Each coach has selected their teams and we're really excited about getting everyone involved.


Yes, YOU are on a team.  Click the coaches picture below to see your team:
** All members joining after this announcement will be added to teams as we go.































This is a chance for you to step outside of your comfort zone a bit, compete, push yourself and most importantly, have FUN!!! 


  • Starts the week of August 19th.

  • Ends August 30st

Coach Sula


Coach Rachel


Coach Miguel

Miguel & Arielle_edited.jpg

Coach Nate

Coach Arielle

Miguel & Arielle_edited.jpg

The Sixth Annual CrossFit 630 Coach's Classic Rules: (Subject to tweaks)


  • 2-Weeks - 2 workout per week (performed by the Friday of the workouts release to allow everybody the chance to post a score. These workouts will be posted in Chalk It the night before.


  • All scores are created equal. You should be adhering to your Level/Color that you've been following on a daily basis.  No over-scaling to boost your scores is allowed.


  • Each workout will be judged and reps will be counted for you.


  • Scores for that week will need to be posted on the rolling whiteboard before you leave the gym.


  • Each workout may only be attempted once, so go all out.

  • HAVE FUN W/ THIS & GOOD LUCK!!! - The Coaches who's teams did not win... there will be consequences! ;)

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